Unique combinations. Signature taste. Top quality ingredients… That's how I describe my snacks. I use vegan caviar made from kale, homemade dehydrated fruits and veggies, including such unique exotic fruits as guava, soursop, ackee and breadfruit.

Dehydrated Orange, Watermelon, Button mushrooms

served on the thin rice crackers, cream cheese &

vegan black caviar made from kelp noodles

Soya Skinny Wraps filled with Wakame seaweed &

Dehydrated Mushroom

Guilt Free chips from Zuchinni, 

Beets and Sweet Potato

Persimmon Blueberry Snack Attack

Squares topped with macadamia nut 

and vegan caviar

Soya Wrap filled with pomegranate 

cream cheese spread 

Mango Tahina Red Pepper dip with lettuce boats

Soya Wrap with seaweed cream cheese

Nacho kale chips