I am a passionate chef who creates a PIECE of art that keeps PEACE on your plate. I live a kind lifestyle and diet on the Earth. I admire the richness of all crops that are presented to us by our beautiful land. I have been a high carb vegan for the last 7 years of my life. Raw foods are stapled in my everyday life. My best friends are Excalibur dehydrator, a smoothie maker, a juicer, a zucchini spiralizer and my fridge, which holds the entire rainbow of colorful fruits and veggies.

Cooking is my biggest passion in life. Every day I come with recipes that are full of energy, vitamins, enzymes, life and love. I put all my positive energy 

in creating unforgettable smoothies that are loaded with super power such as spirulina, chlorella, maca powder, lucuma, camu-camu, green matcha tea, 

chia seeds and juicy ripe fruits! By using flax seeds, black poppy seeds, sesame seeds, pink Himalayan salt and nutritional yeast, I make RAW breads that melt in the mouth and never escape the memory of taste. My hands create vibrant meals that give power, strength, confidence, energy, beauty and health. My dream would be to prepare food 25 hours out of 24 hours per day.

 I always say: “I run on sugar”! Fruit may be the answer to all health issues. I am in love with durian… 

This fruit is my permanent partner in life. It is always there for me: in rain or sunshine, when I cry or smile, when I am sad or happy. Jackfruit is my lover; 

its sweetness pumps me up on the days when I really need it. If only I can describe my feelings to every existent fruit - a “Guinness book” would need to be called for a new record of a fruit lover.A beautiful country of love and reggae presented to me my third and most delicious flower fruit - Ackee… The unique flavour of this sexy fruit proves again that life is worth living.


As you can see, I absolutely love and live this amazing fruit-loaded lifestyle. I am an industrious and dedicated individual, a team-worker, always have a smile on my face, have a “can-do” attitude, accept everyone, open for any challenge, will go above and beyond, wake up earlier than a roster, go to bed 

after everyone’s belly is full and happy, always want to help, encourage, motivate, inspire, will never let anyone down, will give my last pair of clothes to anyone in need, will share my last meal, will save every little bug, bring joy and happiness to the Other.

I have been very fortunate in life: I have my best 2 gifts in life - my eyes. Every day when I open them I am so thankful that I stand on this Earth that provides all we need. Only kindness and care will save our future. I try to build bridges not walls among people. 

I always encourage others to “hold hands, not guns”. Life is so fragile; we have to appreciate every second of our existence.