Main Course

My creations come to my real world when I lay on my yoga mat before my practice. Visually, I develop a beauty on the plate that will keep internal light always warm and your outside always bright.  

Zoodles with portabello chunks decorated with Garlic/Basil tomato bite

Portobello Dehydrated in OJ juice with mango bow

Lotus roots with a ring squash filled with wakame cucumber noodles
Mushroom Patte with sweet coconut plantain 
Jamaican Ackee, Breadfruit, Okra, 
Carrot Raisin salad
Fig Love on Raw Bread
Butternut Squash Star Fruit Boats
 Pumpkin Coconut Star Fruit Plate
Coconut Chia Chips served on Plantain Lettuce Love
Fig Noodles served with potato hearts
Steamed Collard Leave with Spicy plantain 
and living bread
Shitaki  and Taro Root Australian Currant
Dragon Fruit Shell filled Soft poppyseed tofu
Jackfruit Chicken
Veggie Platter with Raw Hummus
Olive Spread
Hickory Mushroom love 
with steamed Jamaican touch
Living Olive Rolls With Greens
Lotus Fig Sriracha corn fiesta
Pumpkin Oven Baked Soup 
with rice wraps filled with pomegranates
Zoodles with Loving Living Bread
Russian Beet Salad with Collard Secret Stuffing
Okra with her veggie friends
Taro root with cucumber noodles
Mango love
Jamaican Squash & Pumpkin with coconut milk